About Candida Jones


The road to wellness can be inspiring and wondrous. The shifting of one’s paradigm is what grants us all more spaciousness, more hope, more wonder, and more zest for this life of ours. Problems seemingly insurmountable at first glance often are far from it. It is in human interaction that we learn more of what we think, and other ways to travel.

For those suffering from PTSD I recommend EMDR as the most effective therapy combining the latest in neuroscience. Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Sandplay, and Expressive Writing, and mindfullness are some of the other modalities that I employ to catalyze the healing process tailoring the treatment to each individual’s needs.

My philosophy is this. People want to find a way out of the predicaments that they find themselves in. My job is to explore the openings, offering guidance to a new spacious existence of options, hope, ease, and inspiration. Let’s explore the options together.