Playful, the dandelion


Saturday morning sunshine beckoned me to the dirt trail near my home this morning.  That along with the open mouthed panting of my Lab companion Frannie.  And out we went earlier than most.  Flowers, new generations of flowers have arrived in the high desert.  Some spikey yellow Zinnia type wildflower, bluebonnets, a desert primrose.  Even the un-natural green of artificially seeded banks along the arroyos have come into their uniformly green hue.

And then I happened upon a meandering row of near perfect dandelions and I felt an urge to do the almost unthinkable……and so I did.  I grasped the waxy stem of a dandelion and blewwwww………….  resulting in a flurry of floating seeds, of hope that yet more of these merry seeds may waft and float to welcoming soil.  And with the breath and action I felt the same exuberance of my child still alive, however well camouflaged at times, rejoicing in the simple.

We adults need to play just as our younger counterparts do.  Its a basic human need and drive.  So wrestle with the dog, throw a stick, throw yourself into volleyball or tennis, or the pool, or something real….not virtual.  Something you can see and feel.  Maybe even something alive.

It occurs to me that many adults are veritable bonsai trees having amputated the last vestiges of their authentic selves.  Coifed and clothed in uniforms, watching and reading that which Microsoft or amazon or yahoo or Verizon has selected for them to listen, hear, and scroll through on their external brains (or phones).

How to undo this colonization of modernity and return to the functioning of an organism as it was indeed designed to function if not flourish?   Go to the flowers.  Go to the streams.  Go to the mountains.  Turn it all off, all that has an adapter or a plug.  Pick a day, pick a time of day when no mercurial glow can emanate eerily.   Rather delight in the glow your skin and face will emit when you climb into your soul and body.

Go play frisbee………………….