I invite you on a journey of healing and wholeness. Whether you need a tune up or a more in-depth life examination,  the road to recovery need not be arduous. Let us begin the process of self discovery, identifying that which inspires you to reach a place of joy and health.

Whether you suffer from trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, and or sudden life changes and wish to explore the latest techniques including EMDR, narrative, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, sandplay,  and or therapeutic writing  we can find a solution to fit your specific needs.   Your goals and your dreams can be woven into providing you with a new narrative and a destination in life reflective of your dreams, wishes and goals.  I invite individuals, couples and families to review their existing patterns and explore new ways of being.

Ms. Jones received her undergraduate degree from Smith College, Northampton, MA and her Masters in Counseling from Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM.